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Developer and Creative

About Me

I am an African developer aiming to make my mark in the digital space. I spend most of my time on creative pursuits and this usually involves me writing code. I enjoy the process and I am proud of the person I have become and still becoming.

I am an avid JavaScript enthusiast and my current frontend framework of choice is Next.js. I usually combine this with a knowledge of TailwindCSS to create my designs. These are some of the tools I used to build this web application.

I also learn French in my spare time and have been doing so for a while now. "Je lis un peu de francais".


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Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

HyperionDev CapeTown, South Africa

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University of the Western Cape

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Senior School Certificate (NECO)

UDSS Uniport, Nigeria

Contact Me

you can drop me a message right here.


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